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Order gifts online for Romania

Who we are

Company “Cumpar Alimente” is dedicated to the supply of food and personal care products for people and families in our service area, Cluj-Napoca. For delivery in other towns in Romania, please choose and order online products that don’t need to stay in the fridge up to 48 hours.See more activities that we are involve in romanian community abroad.

Now we deliver everywhere in Romania!!!!!!

Now we deliver cakes in Bucharest and Cluj.

“Cumpar Alimente” offers an unlimited fresh foods held at proper temperature until delivery.

grocery bag 242x300 Us cadouHow we deliver our products and where they come from?

We select manually all food to ensure their quality. Products are placed in temperature-controlled trucks to keep them fresh. Our drivers will deliver your order to your doorstep when you choose.

Is there a minimum amount I need to order?

You need at least $ 30 in your shopping cart before you can schedule our service delivery.

How do I start shopping online?

You can browse our online store, the virtual aisle, product categories that are organized similar to the aisle in your local store.

Payment is via PAYPAL, fara with no commission.

Can I return products if I have to?

Unfortunately, given the perishability of products, they may not be returned. Of course there are exceptions. Please contact us for more details.

What if I don’t find a specific product I need?

Our service is dedicated to please our customers. If you don’t find the product in our store, please call us, email us and we will add the product in the store in maximum 24 hours from your request. We will contact you with the change done so you can purchase the item. Please contact us for more details.

Help a child from Romanian orphanages!

CumparAlimente is committed to send your gifts to children in orphanages from Cluj. Along with the order we will add your letter to the Children . Make somebody happy today!
We help the children in the following centers: Community Center EveryChild and Placement Center Prichindel.
Please specify when ordering what center you choose to send the gift.
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Limit offer 10% rebate at all our products by taking a simple survey.

Our wonderful product selection,includes also Christmas gifts:

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– How I choose, How I buy?


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Va scriu in engleza caci din pacate mi-e mai usor decit in romaneste. My first order through this website was just delivered. I will definitely place more orders and recomend the website to all my friends! Great products! Great prices! On time delivery! Excellent customer service! Thank you, Adriana

Adriana C

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I live in Canada, Montreal and I have family in Romania, that I didn't contact for years. I ordered this fruit basket with a bottle of scotch for them. It was the best surprise I could ever made them! Thank you for giving me ideas how i can get in touch with my blood relatives. Keep up!


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Hi, The gift you wrapped was very nice. I ordered chocolate, peanuts, a bottle of wine, flowers and the famous fruit basket that everybody's ordering. Now, I understand why. It's huge and amazing! For next time, can you add more baskets so we have more choices? For those that order more often... Thanks

Maria Mutu

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Thank you for the fast shipping. My family were really impressed. They did NOT see it coming that's for sure. The fruit basket was amazing, the flowers were awesome and the chocolate cake was delicious as I heard. It looked delicious that's for sure! I will definitely order for Xmas from you.


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My girlfriend lives in Cluj, I didn't know where this town is on the map before, but now I need not only to know where it is but also to send her presents. Thanks God I found this site. My girlfriend is very demanding! Good job to the team! Oh and btw the cake I ordered to her, she loved it.


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I ordered from this website many times. I am overall very satisfied with the service. I live in Chicago and it's hard for me to buy anything for my friends in Romania. This site came in very handy. Thanks guys.